EPA chief: Congressional GOP are ‘jack-booted thugs’

Lisa Jackson takes trash-talking to a new level for a senior government official. [Note: This entry was based on an erroneous Greenwire report that has since been corrected.]

Greenwire reports,

U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson took on congressional Republicans for trying to blame a sour economy on environmental regulations yesterday in a speech at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law.

Jackson accused House and Senate Republicans of deliberately misusing EPA’s assertion that it would need 230,000 people to enforce greenhouse gas regulations. The number, she said, was drawn from an agency document arguing for “tailoring” the regulations to exempt small businesses.

Those jack-booted thugs knew that,” she said of the Republicans.

Read Steve Milloy’s Washington Times column: “EPA chief’s toxic emissions.”

31 thoughts on “EPA chief: Congressional GOP are ‘jack-booted thugs’”

  1. The Lacey Act was passed in 1909 and expanded in 2008 under the Democrat-controlled Congress of the Bush Administration. Thirty bullet-proof-vested jack-booted federal agents with guns raided a small business that purchased guitar wood from overseas to manufacture guitars made by Americans. You should get your facts straight.

  2. A correction had already been issued long before you posted. If you note, the correction has a November 4th date on it.

    Sorry for the duplicate post, but seriously!

  3. A correction had already been issued long before you posted. If you note, the correction has a November 4th date on it.

  4. It is within the EPA’s jurisdiction under the clean air and water acts to control fracking. I’m not going to condemn it until I actually see the requirements. Probably it’s going to be about air emissions.

    Let’s not follow too far in the footsteps of Greenpeace. There are many good engineers that work at the agencies, and they can put out good regulations should their superiors allow them.

  5. A friend told me of a great example of EPA’s brilliance. His father, an elderly farmer in Nebraska, built a small pond to provide water for his cattle. Years later, he converted the farm to wheat and intended to bulldoze the pond to eliminate the obstruction in the field to the machinery. EPA said it was now a wetland and could not be disturbed. He fought it through the courts and lost – a pond he built, for a purpose no longer needed.

  6. Sorry to burst the hate-spin bubble in this blogpost, but this story has been proven false. It was a misquote. Sadly, I have no doubt that this will have no effect on your belief. Flame on!

  7. Whether or not she said what is claimed or not is a moot point. Jackson, as an appointed bureaucrat, and her organization are completely out of control and are a major contributor to the failed economic recovery. Her promotion of false contentions is even more mysterious considering her education, unless that has been falsified also. The comments made earlier about CO2 are relevant to our existence and Jackson’s contention is justification for her removal as head of the EPA.

  8. I imagine creating a climate of fear against reasonalbe, decent people (the Skeptics) is quite fun for some, also. Not to mention Profitable.

  9. Why hasn’t a correction been issued for this article? It’s clearly very misleading in that it incorrectly quotes Jackson.

  10. If anyone is jack-booted thug, it’s the EPA and its fascist supporters in the Obama administration. Read Liberal Tyranny by Jonah Goldberg- that’ll help you understand just what we are up against right now.

  11. . . . Except that they’re Marxist Communists. They wore jackboots too, you know. Hey, Hitler only gave us the Holocaust. Stalin blessed us with the Holodomor. Google it. While you’re in there, take a gander at Stalin’s impressive record persecuting and murdering Jews.

    Dictators, people who hold themselves above the law, are fungible, like dollar bills or dog turds. That is to say, they have individual characteristics, but you can replace any one with any other one and still have exactly what you had before, regardless of nationality or economic beliefs. A socialist can be a fascist, national socialist or communist, depending on the degree of government ownership of the means of production, but they’re all little strutting dictators at heart.

  12. Activists of the vast RICO-racketeering organized-criminal enterprises usually known by their street name: the (Socialist International’s and national socialists’ workers’ and gangsters’) “Democratic” potty, have long owned, operated and controlled every level of America’s every government’s machinery’s every lever, switch, knob, junction and function.

    That the (presently headed up by a mobbed-up, murtadd-Muslim, Mussolini-modeled, modified-Marxist mother’s-milquetoast) closet to a Mussolini-styled feral gummint our beloved fraternal republic has ever been burdened with has such of its hapless apparatchiks as Fraulein Jackson the hubris and the arrogance to strut their real colors before such of those other clueless as are carefully cloned in their image in such Hell Holes as the people’s “democratic” state of UCB? Surely comes as no surprise!

  13. I heard the EPA is now going to take up the issue of fracking. Don’t know why. They already have made a decision. Guess they have to justify it somehow.

  14. Bill, don’t forget that the justification for the tailoring rule included the step by step justification, saying explicitly that this was only the first step of regulating everyone. It’s not as bad as the rhetoric would make it sound, but continuing to cite this number is not without basis, especially under the very possible outcome of the tailoring rule being declared unconstitutional.

  15. “A massive expansion was never a possibility — and the people who cited the 230,000 new EPA jack-booted thugs knew that,” she said. “That number comes from an administration document explaining why you needed a Tailoring Rule.”

    But in an account of the event that E&E News published Friday, a reporter described Jackson as accusing House and Senate Republicans of deliberately misleading the public with the 230,000-employee figure — then quoted her as saying, “Those jack-booted thugs knew that.”

    E&E has since republished its account with a correction…”

    Knee-jerking is Fun though, innit?

  16. Consider the evidence. Here’s the speech: http://legalplanet.wordpress.com/2011/11/04/lisa-jackson-speech/. Listen from 12:40, or start ten seconds earlier if you have the attention span. She is referring to the epithet commonly thrown at EPA’s own employees. A web search for “jack booted thugs” and EPA will produce numerous examples. If you winnow out the brouhaha surrounding this recent mistakenly reported use of the term, you’ll see that for the most part the self-proclaimed debunkers level the term at EPA, not the other way around. The quoted phrase should be emended to: “The people who cited the 230,000 jack-booted thugs knew that.” A big difference. Educate yourselves, please.

  17. She never said that. What she said is:
    “A massive expansion was never a possibility, and the people who cited the 230,000 new EPA jack-booted thugs knew that.”

    She was clearly making reference to a slur that has been applied to EPA workers themselves.

    For proof, watch this video and fast forward to the 12:40 mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcNeR6-EEGc

  18. The action of EPA in classifying carbon dioxide (CO2) as POLLUTION so that they can regulate it under the clean air act, is enough to cut off their funding for overkill. CO2 is a tiny constituent in our atmosphere, never as high as 1 %. Without it there would be no food for life on this planet. It is just as stupid as condeming Oxygen for causing iron to rust or wood to burn or deecay. It labels the EPA as a heavy handed bureauocarcy with no regard for the science, or lack of it, behind their every move. The EPA in my book has the discrimination in their regulations of a bull in a china shop. Its condemnation of Greenhouse gases ignores the scientific fact that our variable sun is sometimes too weak to prevent glaciations on a continental scale. Without the heat trapping “security blanket” of GHG our world would
    become a permanent iceball. It is definitely “NOT NICE TO FOOL WITH
    MOTHER NATURE.” lisa Jackson, look in a mirror, you are the one wearing
    “jack boots.” It is high time you get smart or get lost.

  19. if anyone would know about jack- booted tiugs it would be the EPA. This country is toast, too many taxes, too many regulations and too many freeloaders. I’m off to Hong Kong!

  20. I think she’s confusing Republicans with the jack-booted armed federal marshals who actually raided Gibson Guitars.

  21. They used two justifications: Absurd results and step-by-step. 100 tons per year yields absurd numbers of permits, and step by step allows them to regulate one group at a time until everyone is covered.

    This means they will start by only restricting large emitters that almost all already have permits, and then they will slowly step into the mouth of madness.

  22. Lisa Jackons must have been wearing her full body spanx too tight when she made that comment and it cut off the blood flow to her brain. The elected representatives she denigrated may be even more enthused about finding additional spending savings this year.

  23. Tailoring regulations to oppress only a politically-acceptable number of people isn’t a scientific process, it’s a political exercise. Either these regulations are needed or they are not needed — they can’t be needed on some people but not on others. But have no fear — once the regulations are in place, the number of politically-acceptable people will magically grow, like income-tax liability, auto registration fees, an eligibility for the alternative minimum tax. Have we had enough yet?

  24. I thought the reason to create “independent” agencies is that they would not be politicized? Guess Andy Jackson got that one wrong…….

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