Entergy CEO: Carbon tax to reduce deficit, help poor

Another CEO with an abysmal understanding of history, economics and science — and a need for a psychological counseling.

Entergy CEO J. Wayne Leonard spoke to the National Wildlife Federation last Friday, calling for a carbon tax to reduce the deficit, help the poor and fund clean energy.

Aside from energy taxes being regressive, killing jobs and harming economic growth — that’s why there’s no cap-and-trade — Leonard exposed his own embarrassing self-contemplation.

As reported by the New Orleans Time-Picayune:

In an emotional speech to executives of the National Wildlife Federation on Friday night, Leonard said his controversial support for what would amount to a carbon tax stems from his attempt to face his own mortality.

“You start to find yourself posing the question of ‘After I die, what?’, and then it really starts to dawn on you that the real question is, ‘Before I die, what?,'” he said, in accepting an award from the federation for his company’s environmental programs.

“I can think of no time in history when the planet is in as much peril as it is today,” he said. “We were not supposed to be facing the possibility of mass extinctions in anybody’s lifetime … but here we are”…

The carbon fee would be an insurance policy aimed at rapidly dropping the emissions blamed with increasing the average temperature of the world’s land and atmosphere, which are linked by scientists to increased melting of glaciers and icecaps and rising sea levels that pose a direct threat to south Louisiana, he said.

“Buy some insurance for your conscience. Buy some insurance for your soul,” he said. “Buy some insurance so you’re not laying on your deathbed with regrets.

“We’re all going to be laying on our deathbeds with some regrets, but you don’t want to be laying on your deathbed with regrets about things you did to somebody who was innocent,” Leonard said.

Aside from his navel-gazing, Leonard is apparently blissfully ignorant of the reality that fossil fuel use has been one of the greatest boons to humanity, increasing its wealth and health by incalculable amounts since the 19th century — and that much more will need to be burned to keep raising the world’s standard of living.

Leonard is about as embarrassing as Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers, who supports climate alarmism because, he says:

… I have seven grandchildren. They will judge me someday. When they are my age they will look back and say, ‘My granddaddy, he had this ecological crisis….What did he do?

Read the Times-Picayune report.

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  1. damn! .. have we gone from insanity to hyperinsanity .. are leonard and his like trying to change USA to the BS of A?

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