Energy Secretary to be Solyndra fall guy?

It’s looking like the White House is preparing to offer Energy Secretary Steven Chu as its sacrifice in Solyndra-gate.

A front-page Washington Post article this morning blames Chu for ignoring warning signs of Solyndra’s request:

At a number of points in its troubled history, solar-panel manufacturer Solyndra faced dire financial problems that threatened its survival. Yet at each crisis, Energy Secretary Steven Chu and officials at his agency failed to take steps that critics say could have limited taxpayer losses when the company collapsed this summer.

Instead, Energy Department officials monitoring Solyndra and its $535 million federal loan took extraordinary steps to prop up the company, according to a Washington Post analysis of previously confidential documents…

While Chu no doubt shares culpability, fish stink from the head down.

Don’t be surprised if Obama soon says that Chu has his “full confidence” and then Chu resigns to “spend more time with his family”.

Read the Post article.

6 thoughts on “Energy Secretary to be Solyndra fall guy?”

  1. I dislike Chu, and I am not sad to see him go, but while his actions are certainly irresponsible and immoral, they were not criminal. Calling for your opponent’s imprisonment is a dangerous line to cross.

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