Climategate 2.0 Update: Schmidt — Make data available in ‘impenetrable-as-possible form’

Luboš Motl gets fired up over, and provides excellent context for our Climategate 2.0 posting “Schmidt — Make data available in ‘impenetrable-as-possible form’“.

Motl writes,

Last month, we learned about the first result of [Chris] Mooney’s “work”: on behalf of the AGU, he chose the best climate communicator in the world. Who is it? Is it Michael Mann who likes to hide the decline? Heidi Cullen who works on the Nuremberg trials for skeptics? Phil Jones? John Cook who has already won lots of money in the Australian “spit on Archimedes” contest? Al Gore? One of the 3,000 folks across the third world whom Al Gore has trained to be almost as marvelous as Gore himself? Nope!

Chris Mooney decided that the $25,000 award would go to Gavin Schmidt, the main full-time spinner and part-time liar behind George Soros’ Real-Enough-To-Be-Pure-Imaginary Climate propagandist blog…

Read Motl’s entire posting.

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