Climategate 2.0: Revkin says Inhofe speaks for the stupid

New York Times “reporter” Andy Revkin insults Sen. Jim Inhofe and a “big chunk of America” — and advises alarmists “to use Inhofe against himself.”

From the Climategate 2.0 collection, Stefan Rahmsdorf writes,

Hi Andy,
from over here, it is hard to see this kind of Inhofe speach as anything else than an irrelevant piece of absurd theatre.
It doesn’t even bother me any more – he’s simply lost it.
Cheers, Stefan

To which, Revkin responds:

I know. but he still speaks to and for a big chunk of America — people whose
of science and engagement with such issues is so slight that they happily sit in
pre-conceived positions.
that might be one reason he doesn’t like this book, which is devoid of easily-attacked
and scare tactics and lets the science point the way itself.
i’m just trying to be sure that folks like all of you take an extra couple seconds to use
Inhofe against himself
and forward the blog/book link to a few people who might not be
aware of this book — the first on Arctic and global climate change for all readers 10 and
up — and of Inhofe’s moves.
104-4914927-77631 [Emphasis added]

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