Climategate 2.0: Mann said skeptics ‘losing’

Mann also describes the “purpose” of the alarmist web site

Assuming the Climategate 2.0 e-mails are genuine, Michael Mann writes:

… the important thing is to make sure they’re [the skeptics] loosing [sic] the PR battle. That’s what
the site [Real Climate] is about.

Below is the RealClimate logo:

“Climate science from climate scientists”? Anyone for

Read Climategate 2.0.

7 thoughts on “Climategate 2.0: Mann said skeptics ‘losing’”

  1. Changing the way of life and the standard of living of the whole planet is a PR thing to them. The “A” personality in all its glory

  2. The hockey team’s response to exposure is typical of any covert influence operation (which is what their attempt to destroy the world’s economy is):
    1. Admit nothing.
    2. Deny everything.
    3. Make counter-accusations.

    “Would you like a pretzel with that logic,” Gavin Schmidt, is an attempt at a “witty” version of a counter-accusation. The hockey team, after deep and long consultations with PR experts, has decided that their best counter-accusation is that “deniers” are loony.

    Inability to respond rationally to a clear question and statement of facts should tell you that they are hiding something.

  3. Oh wow! Gavin has posted my question and his response is?

    [Response: Would you like a pretzel with that logic? – gavin]

    Thanks Gavin, you really contributed a lot there. But still, such a response one would expect when one finds themselves cast in a certain light by Prof. Michael Mann himself.

  4. Now Real Climate has a rather tough “moderator”, so who knows if my question will even be addressed by Gavin but I did post this to try to tease something out of them. I’ve never real been successful at engaging at RC. I too often don’t make it past their gatekeeping.

    Gavin, the RC welcome page specifically states “Thus we will not get involved in political or economic issues that arise when discussing climate change.”

    But here you are with an entire thread dedicated to discussing the release of emails where little if any actual science is discussed.

    So if I take your actions here and put them together with Michael Mann’s email that specifically refers to the idea that Real Climate is in fact waging a “PR battle”. I come to the conclusion that you are indeed discussing political issues and Real Climate is in fact exactly what Michael Mann says this website is.

    A PR machine for climate scientists. Which means that Real Climate is NOT about just the science at all – now is it?

  5. Gavin at RC won’t address the point though. Here’s a poster on Real Climate asking the question:
    jryan says:
    22 Nov 2011 at 3:00 PM
    the important thing is to make sure they’re loosing the PR battle. That’s what
    the site [Real Climate] is about.

    How’s that working out for you?

    Now note gavin’s deflection:

    [Response: Pretty well actually. Having somewhere people can go that isn’t being filtered by politicians or journalists, and where scientists can interact directly with the public, does actually make a difference. You might not like it, but lots of people do. – gavin]

    So Gavin appears to be saying that Real Climate is a place where scientists can engage (in PR spin?) directly with the public. Note that he doesn’t address the underlying point of Michael Mann’s email, which is, that Real Climate is a public relations exercise designed to defeat skeptical views. Gavin fails to make any mention of sticking with science. He doesn’t even address the point that Michael Mann specifically states that RC is a PR machine. I wonder why?

  6. He is not saying they are losing, he wants to make sure they are losing. And yes, the most damning part I have read so far is his admission that RC is just a hack site. RealPR should be its name.

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