Climategate 2.0: Jones laments blogsites as allowing deniers to find one another

Blasted deniers… and the Internet!

In the Climategate 2.0 collection, Phil Jones complains about universities being subject to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests:

date: Wed Aug 5 16:58:21 2009
from: Phil Jones

subject: My earlier comments

Hi Matt,

My comments were tongue in cheek! The agreements that we’re talking about
are not really confidentiality agreements that you’re talking about. Lots are
unwritten agreements that we make scientist to scientist. Where there are
written agreements they are signed between me (or previous Director’s
of CRU) with other academic institutions, which were not with their
central administration (but again a sub part). CRU doesn’t initiate these,
but if the other side wants it and it will help us do some work then we go
ahead and sign. There is never any obligation on CRU or UEA. They are generally
about agreeing to work together on something.

The agreements Dave is talking about are ones that relate to us not
making climate data available to third parties, which we have got from a
National Met Service.

FOI is causing us a lot of problems in CRU and even more for Dave, as he has
to respond to them all.

It would be good if UEA went along with any other Universities who might be
lobbying to remove academic research activities from FOI. FOI is having an
impact on my research productivity. I also write references for people leaving
CRU, students and others. If I have to write a poor one, I make sure I get
the truth to the recipient in a phone call. I’m also much less helpful responding
to members of the public who email CRU regularly than I was 2-3 years ago.

I’ve seen some of what I considered private and frank emails appear on websites.

Issue here is blogsites have allowed these climate change deniers to find one
another around the world.

[Emphasis added]

4 thoughts on “Climategate 2.0: Jones laments blogsites as allowing deniers to find one another”

  1. Phil lived in own little academic world and the new fangled internet stuff arrived without understanding freedom of speech is now bi-directional with FOI laws, It removed his “but I’m an academic scientist and university bureaucrat so it doesn’t apply to me” believe system. Deer, meet Headlights.

  2. “FOI is having an impact on my research productivity.”
    Well I’m glad to read that.
    An often understated consequence of computer modeling is that it allows for much more rapid production of results (good, bad or ugly). The less that such scientists constrain themselves by collecting data from physical experiments and observations, the greater is their output (peer reviewed by those who do likewise). More publications>>more prestige>>more funding>>more students>>more domination of the consensus. It’s a virtuous, or vicious, cycle, depending on your outlook.

  3. He also could have said something like, “We said that they should eat cake, but then they started revolting [how revolting!]. How dare they think they have a say in matters of their money, their activities, their livelihood, their souls….How dare they communicate with each other!” If he wants to know about real life he needs to get a real job, maybe even get his hands dirty instead of just creating dirty deals.

  4. …. Issue here is blogsites “have allowed” these “climate change deniers” to find one
    another around the world ….

    Hubris? Arrogance? Elitism? Science?



    The Krupps-like Fascism of the Warmmongering Mann-MadeGW Industrial Complex.

    (Leaves even the Krupps-like Fascism of the the Warmongering Kennedy-Crime-Family-centered Military-Industrial Complex – to which the likes of Mann and Jones previously prostituted themselves and their “science” – for dead!)

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