California proposes opt-out for smart meters

But it’ll cost the tin-foil-underwear crowd.

Greenwire reports,

California utility regulators have proposed allowing customers to turn off the wireless signal on their electricity and gas meters that were intended to be used statewide as part of a “smart” grid.

The proposed decision by California Public Utilities Commission President Michael Peevey would have customers pay $90 up front and $11 to $15 per month to have a wireless meter with the radio turned off, as meter readers would still have to take manual readings.

The wireless meters have drawn outsize opposition from a number of counties and environmental and health groups, which claim smart meters’ radio-frequency signals are hazardous to human health. Though state-sponsored studies have found no ill effects from the meters, protesters maintain the meters’ signals are causing migraines, nausea and other ailments.

We oppose smart meters because they are a stop on the path to electricity rationing. The health claims are totally bogus.

Click for the California proposal.

One thought on “California proposes opt-out for smart meters”

  1. How Can People Have Such Strong Opinions and Criticize Others Without Testing The Non-Ionizing Radiation Themselves?

    I have been in the laboratory and seen the damage done to human cells and human DNA by a small fraction of the non-ionizing radiation coming from smart meters.

    The meters will challenge each physical body in proximity and it will harm every single person (fetus, infant, child, teen, adult, senior) and pet in proximity. In the intermediate and long term, it may result in cancer. But even if any body does not get cancer prior to their death, it will be an unnecessary attack/stress on the health and well being of that body. It will certainly lower the quality of health throughout the person’s life, whatever that quality of health would have been without it.

    In the shorter term, some smaller percentage of bodies (people, pets, etc) seems to be effected more immediately and this is unlikely due to the cell damage and DNA Chain Breaks. More likely, it is challenging/interfering with the nervous system and/or the electrical communication networks within the body and brain.

    But why would any rational society add such a strain on themselves?

    The upside is obviously improved financials and stronger monopoly control for the utility companies, their suppliers and other vested interests.

    None of the promoted energy conservation advertisements have ever been demonstrated.

    Any energy usage information required by a centralized grid can be better and more efficiently and less costly collected from energy distribution points.

    A smart grid does NOT need to know or even want to know the energy use at any individual home.

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