WSJ: California’s New Green Tax

California is the American version of Greece.

From the Wall Street Journal editorial page:

It may be time for California to formally apply for membership in the European Union. Its taxing, borrowing and regulatory policies are already more in line with the southern tier of Euroland than with other U.S. states, and the Golden State has taken another lurch in the Euro-direction by becoming the first jurisdiction in the nation to adopt a full-scale cap-and-trade tax to combat global warming…

But evidently high-minded California—with 2.1 million people already out of work and with the nation’s second highest jobless rate at 11.9%—will. The job cost will be paid not in the tony salons of Hollywood but in the working class neighborhoods of Torrance and Fresno.

Read the full WSJ editorial.

2 thoughts on “WSJ: California’s New Green Tax”

  1. I was born in California, I love California and I pray for California. The voters in the population centers, L.A., San Fransisco, San Diego, the coastal cities are voting for the bankruptcy of this beautiful state . If you question the wisdom of the California voters, ask people who go to the beach and there are pebbles. Not sand, pebbles. The state government has allowed every river to be damned. The sand which replenished the beaches comes from the mountains carried by the rivers. What rivers?

    Rise up Californian’s and vote the counterfeit politician subversives.

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