WashPost: 2011 on track to be cooler

… “but global warming continues,” says Post columnist Andrew Freedman.

Freedman goes on:

The fact that this year is currently running cooler than last year does not in any way invalidate the fact that the world is warming, and that this warming is very likely due mostly to manmade greenhouse gas emissions.

Even if the long-term temperature data were reliable, Freedman is right that the warming-cooling phenomenon indicates nothing. The key issue is whether manmade emissions are having any significant impact on global climate.

And that’s where Freedman’s “very likely due mostly to manmade greenhouse gas emissions” falls way short of the mark.

What is the scientific evidence for that squishy assertion?

Is it the climate models that don’t work? Or the cooler temperatures occurring despite significantly higher atmospheric CO2 levels? Or is it the existence of the nonsensus?

5 thoughts on “WashPost: 2011 on track to be cooler”

  1. Thanks, James, but what do meteorologists know about weather? Activists care that’s what is important.

  2. Not only is this year cooler, but temperatures have been fairly level for the past 13 years. Sea levels have not risen since 2002 according to a special satellite measuring it Where is the 20 foot rise that Hansen predicted?
    The antarctic ice cap which holds 91% of the world’s ice, is getting thicker.
    The sun directly (and indirectly acting on cosmic rays to form more condensation nuclei and clouds) is the real driver of the climate. CO2 only interacts with two narrow bands in the infrared spectrum and have already
    absorbed all the available radiation available in those bands. I can cause little more warming.

  3. “Its a dynamic (nonlinear) system and its very complex. We need to understand it better than we do. ”

    And YOU (dear poster!) need to understand that “dynamic systems” can be both linear or non-linear! “Complex” or otherwise!

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