USGS scientists: No link between CO2 and flooding

Another boo-hoo for Al Gore — the third today.

US Geological Survey scientists examined statistical relationships between annual floods at 200 long-term (85–127 years of record) streamgauges in the coterminous United States and the global mean carbon dioxide concentration (GMCO2) record.

They conclude in a new study published in Hydrological Sciences Journal that:

In none of the four regions defined in this study is there strong statistical evidence for flood magnitudes increasing with increasing GMCO2. One region, the southwest, showed a statistically significant negative relationship between GMCO2 and flood magnitudes. The statistical methods applied compensate both for the inter-site correlation of flood magnitudes and the shorter-term (up to a few decades) serial correlation of floods.

Al Gore also learned today that:

3 thoughts on “USGS scientists: No link between CO2 and flooding”

  1. An Information Technology (IT) research firm my company subscribes to has started posting climate change “research” – i.e. someone at the company is publishing their opinions on the subject. The latest was to point out that since all the ice in the world is melting (not my opinion, theirs) this proves AGW beyond a shadow of a doubt…

    I am going to cancel the company subscription – I am not paying for a propaganda machine. If this is what they consider good research, I have to suspect the rest of their material is suspect.

  2. Well, gosh, we are running out of bad things that carbon dioxide causes. We’ll have to get busy and make us some more.

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