Shocker: Labor calls on EPA to delay air rule

Does this mark the end of the Big Green-Big Labor marriage? Who gets stuck with their kids (i.e., the anti-jobs regulations)?

The head of Texas AFL-CIO, Becky Moeller, says in an Austin-American Statesman commentary that the EPA should delay its Cross-State Air Pollution Rule because of the lousy economy. Hurray!

But, of course, the irony is that Big Labor has spent the last few years inexplicably lobbying with Big Green for job-killing laws and regulations — most notably cap-and-trade.

While the awakening of Big Labor is welcome, it clearly has been brain-damaged by rubbing elbows with Big Green.

Check out for example, the first sentence of Moeller’s op-ed which sounds like a slogan straight off the wall at some Maoist clean energy facility:

Working families in Texas want to fight industrial pollution.


She even says that before she says:

Working families need jobs.

Maybe some sort of worker re-education camp can help un-brainwash Moeller.

2 thoughts on “Shocker: Labor calls on EPA to delay air rule”

  1. No, I don’t think you can correct stupidity. If you are stupid then you cannot learn. If you are illiterate you have not learned, but can learn the truth. Unions will sacrifice jobs to keep their limited power as evidenced in the teachers union of Wisconsin. They would have allowed teachers to be laid off before giving up collective bargaining for benefits.

    Please understand, I will watch my neighbor lose their job so I can bargain for ???????????????????? That is stupid.

  2. Recessions don’t just correct the financial markest and the business cycles, they also correct stupidity. This is just one case.

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