Organic farmers to get premium welfare?

We’re against conventional subsidies for conventional farmers — and we’re also against premium subsidies for organic farmers.

Environment and Energy Daily reports that,

Democratic lawmakers next week plan to introduce legislation in the House and Senate that would boost support for the organic farming industry and the local food movement.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and Maine Rep. Chellie Pingree want to include the measure, called the “Local Farms, Food and Jobs Act,” in the 2012 farm bill…

The proposed local food legislation contains a new crop insurance program for organic farmers and for diversified crop operations. Under the current crop insurance program, organic farmers are charged a surcharge and paid back at the conventional price for lost crops, not at a premium price for organics… [Emphasis added]

Subsidies aside, organic produce is not “premium” produce. It is not healthier for you, or more eco-friendly.

As Steve Milloy spotlighted in a January 2001 column, “organic” is just marketing.

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