Krugman: Do more emissions mean more prosperity?

Now here’s a denier for you.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman attacks Rick Perry and Mitt Romney for their economic plans entailing the development of our fossil fuel resources.

Krugman dismisses the entire fossil fuel historical record of creating wealth and health for more than 200 years based on the specious claims of environmentalists — to wit, fossil fuel use harms human health and the environment.

Yes, Comrade Krugman, more emissions have meant and do mean more prosperity — they even provide productive jobs for those in the emissions control industry. Fossil fuel emissions — at least as controlled in the developed world — harm no one.

We might add that fewer emissions lead to economic recession and stagnation — witness our current economy. And the lack of emissions leads to poverty (i.e., the Third World) and bankruptcy (e.g., Solyndra).

Read Krugman’s column.

2 thoughts on “Krugman: Do more emissions mean more prosperity?”

  1. Facts are a bit “off” here……….2700 people die each year because of inability to heat homes but the real numbers are much much more……………..several years ago ( 2002) the number of seniors that die due to influenza which is attributed to poor heating was more like 28,000 yearly………..nowadays it should actually be much more but I’m sure the figures won’t be made available because that might expose the Green Scam for what it really is…………an agenda to bankrupt and kill off the poor and make the rich even richer!

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