Hero of the day: Rep. Andy Harris

We honor Maryland Congressman Andy Harris today as he spotlighted some of the junk science behind EPA’s air quality over-regulation.

Here are some points that Rep. Harris made at today’s House Science Committee hearing:

  • The EPA engages in “secret science“;
  • Government scientists have an agenda;
  • Five of seven of the members of the the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Council are paid by EPA;
  • EPA’s claim that every dollar invested in air regulation returns $30 in benefits is “patently ridiculous”; if that were true then $1 trillion invested in air pollution regulation would more than erase our national debt.

Click here to watch the hearing.

3 thoughts on “Hero of the day: Rep. Andy Harris”

  1. And Rep. Harris’ reward for his perpsicacity may turn out to be that he’s gerrymandered out of his Congressional seat by Marty O’Malley and his Leftist henchmen in the General Assembly of the Not So Free State.

  2. When the EPA can declare that the air in the desert is polluted because of dust they think they are above the law. The California CARB uses a PHD’s study (when he received the PHD from the internet) and then declaring that the study is still applicable to making law while ignoring the facts they think they can do anything.

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