Has Newt given up the green ghost?

Newt Gingrich’s “tortoise campaign” is steadily advancing his 2012 candidacy. As much as we like what he’s saying now about the EPA, will the real Newt Gingrich please stand up?

At a townhall meeting in Davenport, IA on Monday, Gingrich said,

The EPA is probably the most destructive single organization in the federal government today because it has people who have selected out and who have imposed their will on the American economy and the American society with no regard for common sense and no regard for practicality and that is why we need to replace it.

While we love this sentiment, we wonder what it really means in light of Gingrich’s past actions, like this infamous TV commercial with Nancy Pelosi:

Then there’s Newt’s book on environmental policy which Steve Milloy reviewed in the January 2008 FoxNews.com column, “Newt Gingrich Out-Greens Al Gore?

While eviscerating the EPA is welcome talk, Gingrich needs to reassure us that he has given up the green ghost.

3 thoughts on “Has Newt given up the green ghost?”

  1. Newt is a smart man and I am sure if he is looking at the facts he understands the warming is done and we are reversing. I believe him, and Mitt Romney, that the constant barrage of truth by sites like these is turning the tide

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