Hansen to Royal Society: Skeptics are 'winning the argument'

No wonder given Hansen’s three lame-o arguments for why the “science has become clearer.”

From The Independent‘s coverage of Hansen’s Royal Society briefing, here is his “scientific” evidence that manmade CO2 emissions are wreaking havoc on the climate:

Burning issue: Hansen’s evidence that the world is hotting up

Texas, summer 2011

The US state this year has had its driest summer since record-keeping began in 1895, with 75 per cent of the state classified as “exceptional drought”, the worst level. Shortages of grass, hay and water have forced ranchers to thin their herds – where this cow died, in the San Angelo area, there has been less than three inches of rain.

Moscow, August 2010

Russia experienced its hottest-ever summer last year – for weeks, a large portion of European Russia was more than 7 °C (12.6 °F) warmer than normal, and a new national record was set of 44 °C (111 °F). Raging forest fires filled Moscow with smoke, forcing the cancellation of air services and obliging people to don face masks.

Northern Europe, 2003

Shrivelled French grapes at the end of Europe’s hottest summer on record, in 2003. The heatwave led to health crises in several countries and more than 40,000 people are thought to have died. Britain experienced its first (and so far only) 100+ F air temperature – 101.3°F (38.5°C) recorded at Brogdale, Kent, on 10 August.

We’ll permit alarmist Myles Allen to debunk Hansen. As Allen recently said while throttling Al Gore:

… Given the paucity of reliable records and bias in climate models, it is quite impossible to say whether an observed event could have happened in a hypothetical pristine climate.

9 thoughts on “Hansen to Royal Society: Skeptics are 'winning the argument'”

  1. When we get an unusually cold spell somewhere, the warmers retort; “Well! weather is NOT climate!” But when we get a heat wave, it’s: “This record heat proves climate change!”

  2. There’s a reason the skeptics are winning the argument, despite the AGW supporters receiving the lions share of the funding and media attention: the skeptics have the facts on their side. It’s that simple.

  3. The alarmist have nothing going for them to support CAGW but cherry picking weaher situations and calling it climate. Last summer when Moscow warmed up, South America had one of the coldest winters in historoy. I thought the Moscow event may have covered 10,000 square miles. The cold area in South America was 2 million square miles; millions of aquatic animals froze to death in Bolivia.

    No one mentions it snowed in Wellington, New Zealand this summer. I think first time in history. I have been watching London’s and Dublin’s temperature daily all year. This summer temperatures ranged beteen 45 and 70 degrees all summer and I wondered if they had to use heat this summer. Does the so-called enhanced greenhouse effect due to adding more atmospheric carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels cause cooling?
    James Rust

  4. Hanson is a crook and good evidence of the dismal state of NASA which has become nothing more than a typical expensive inefficient obsolete
    Govt. labor union employing liberal leftist slackers and should be dissolved.

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