GOP yard sale: Bill to sell Energy Department HQ introduced

This will get Steven Chu’s attention.

House Republicans today introduced legislation to sell the Department of Energy’s HQ building by Jan. 1, 2013.

As reported by Greenwire,

Outraged House Democrats today said they were ambushed at a committee vote today by a GOP proposal that would sell off the Department of Energy headquarters building by Dec. 31, 2013.

Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said they had not been informed of a late addition proposing the DOE building sale to a bill to consolidate underused federal property.

“I had no idea that we in this committee today are going to try to sell the Department of Energy’s building,” committee ranking member Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.) said in his opening statement.

California Republican Rep. Jeff Denham’s manager’s amendment to his “Civilian Property Realignment Act” (CPRA), which is being marked up today, includes a provision that requires the sale of the north building of DOE’s James Forrestal Building Complex. The measure would only allow the sale to go through if the government makes at least $200 million off the transaction and would require that proceeds be used to provide a replacement space for the agency of not more than 320,000 square feet.

Denham today said DOE currently occupies “underutilized property that contains significant security concerns” and that the sale of the property could generate significant savings to the government…

On a personal note, the Junkman’s first real job was as a software developer at the Forrestal Building.

3 thoughts on “GOP yard sale: Bill to sell Energy Department HQ introduced”

  1. I think most of the folks get the idea. Question, is the DOE, EPA and other agencies enumerated in the Constitution? If they are not the solution is clear. We need a CONSERVATIVE as president to lead our country back to the rule of law.

  2. Introduce a bill that requires the DOE to utilize ONLY solar and/or wind power with NO outside connections to nasty coal or other fossil fuel-generated power. After all, they are true believers.

  3. Abolish the DOE and they will not need a headquarters or any other buildings. The DEA, EPA , ATF and a bunch of other costly and useless Govt. labor union agencies should also be abolished…

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