7 thoughts on “'First millionaire bureaucrat': NASA's James Hansen earns up to $1.2 million in 2010”

  1. How does a Federal employee, who is not hired as a PR person, spend enough time off the job to receive that much money? Hanson has been out and about for a long time. Is he doing it on government time or does he have an incredible amount of leave? Is it paid leave? Sounds like fraud and abuse to me.

  2. I don’t want him muzzled by the next Administration. I want him, Gavin Schmidt and Tom Karl fired, along and many lesser hoaxsters. There is littleneed for GISS. Its adata is corrupted,duplicative and its existence takes money from NASA space aexploration budgets.

    There is no reason to fund GISS when we have no access to Space, having had to retire the Space Shuttles with no replacements, which is NASA’s mission.

    Then I want him and his sycophants indicted for misfeasance of office and fraud.

  3. Further proof that the climate alarmism scam is very lucrative, as proven by Al Gore. Got to figure a way I can jump on the Big BS Bandwagon Bonanza. Easy money. How sweet it is!

  4. Save this one to counter all those comments about greedy corporations.. Obviously bureaucrats are equally greedy. Although I can hardly fault Jim for preferring 1st class over coach. I much prefer 1st, or at least business class on those long flights, when the client will stand for the extra cost.

  5. I have no quarrel with those who make an honest living. However, like so many sensationalist parasites who suck on the fears of society under the color of their degrees, this is one example who should be shown the back door. Unfortunately, he is but one cog in the management/academic backscratching machine.

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