Fed panel: Test anthrax vaccine on kids


From the Washington Post:

A key panel of government advisers Friday recommended that the federal government sponsor a controversial study to test the anthrax vaccine in children to see whether the inoculation would protect young Americans against a bioterrorist attack…

“The trial would expose healthy children to substantial harm with no possibility of benefit,” said Vera Sharav of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, a New York-based advocacy group.

Now that bioterrorism industry is back, click below for Steve Milloy’s six FoxNews.com columns on bioterrorism from September-November 2001:

One thought on “Fed panel: Test anthrax vaccine on kids”

  1. The key word in the article is “test”, and the absolute horror of the panel’s indifference is only exceeded by people such as Adolph Hitler and the ‘testing’ he had performed at the death camps during WW2.

    Perhaps someone should “test” this panel by lobotomising them and then trying to determine if anyone can tell the difference.

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