EPA air rule foes labeled 'health deniers'

Welcome to the home of “health denial.”

Politico reports today that:

Environmentalists have a new nickname for members of Congress questioning the public health benefits of the EPA’s proposed air rules: health deniers.

It’s a “new wing of climate science … now denying the medical science,” said Peter Iwanowicz, vice president of National Policy and Advocacy at the American Lung Association. “They believe that EPA has made this all up.”

Yes, the EPA has made it all up. below is some of what JunkScience.com has been saying:

The green are upset because what we’ve been saying has gained traction in Congress.

4 thoughts on “EPA air rule foes labeled 'health deniers'”

  1. Except she’s not following the law. She is failing to perform due diligence, cutting comment periods short or at least unconscionably if not illegally adding huge sections to the rules after the comment period has ended.

    Plus, the EPA refuses to acknowelege the existence of null studies, causing more and more ludicrous actions for less and less benefit.

  2. Re: “Most recently, six House physician-Members accused EPA of peddling dubious health claims”. All Lisa Jackson has to do is respond saying, “I am merely following YOUR LAW. Furthermore, the Court has ordered me to finally get this done”. It is called the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Jackson is following Title III to the letter (excepting that it is now based on technology advances 20 years later thanks to Clinton and Bush). If these physician-Congressmen want to do something constructive they must change Title III. The fault of this mess lies mainly with Congress then failed Clinton and Bush administrations.

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