Cornell: Keystone XL a net job killer

Cornell is not called the “Big Red” for nothing.

Cornell’s Global Labor Institute says that the Keystone XL (tar sands) pipeline could be net job killer because:

By helping to lock in US dependence on fossil fuels, Keystone XL will impede progress toward green and sustainable economic renewal and will have a chilling effect on green investments and green jobs creation. The green economy has already generated 2.7 million jobs in the US and could generate many more. [Emphasis added]

But even the Washington Post has given up on green jobs.

And — this may be news to the comrades at the Global Labor Institute — Big Labor is finally figuring out that Big Green is its Big Enemy.

Click for the Global Labor Institute’s “Pipe Dreams? Jobs Gained, Jobs Lost by the ConstruCtion of Keystone XL”

2 thoughts on “Cornell: Keystone XL a net job killer”

  1. What kind of neo-Luddite Frankenomics is this guy using? Since when has more jobs to provide the same benefit been a good thing?

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