China: Limit CO2 but not real pollutants?

It looks the Chinese population will pay a heavy price for international political correctness.

A senior Chinese official said yesterday that it would be a “disaster for the world” to allow Chinese per capita CO2 emissions (6.8 tons) to reach those of the U.S. (16.9 tons).

But capping invisible and harmless CO2 emissions will necessarily cap wealth creation and the spin-off benefit of improved public health.

Moreover, the Chinese don’t seem to be too interested in controlling the emissions of actual conventional pollutants (e.g., SO2, NOx, particulate matter) which, at the very least, foul the air and make China a grimy place.

Finally, as pollution control is a luxury item, locking in poverty ensures that it will remain unaffordable.

Read the BBC report, “China won’t follow US on carbon emissions.”

2 thoughts on “China: Limit CO2 but not real pollutants?”

  1. I am wondering if China is trying to beg countries to pay for solar and wind electricity production in China through renewable energy credits. That is an economical way for China to develop these resources when others pay for them.

  2. With China’s one child per family policy, they’re reducing exhaled CO2 by a couple of hundred kgs every year.

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