Cain: 'Green energy is a joke'

Republican candidates (most of them anyway) unloaded on the EPA and green policies at an Iowa event over the weekend.

According to the Iowa Independent:

Cain said if he had to choose one energy-related decision to change, he would have allowed people to decide what light bulbs to use in their homes.

“America believes in choice,” he said. “Green energy is a joke. You ought to be able to pick what light bulbs you want.”…

Bachmann also called for shutting down the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, saying tasks performed by those agencies should be left to the states…

“This president has killed more jobs with his regulatory schemes that have gone forward and that knee-jerk reaction of stopping drilling and that is some of the fastest things that we can turn around with a new president,” Perry said.

He also called for more domestic energy production and limiting the roll of the EPA, saying he has a plan to make America more energy secure…

Gingrich advocated for replacing the Environmental Protection Agency with what he called an environmental solutions center…

Paul didn’t call for eliminating the EPA but did say he’d get rid of the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior. And Santorum called for drilling “anywhere we can” and cutting all energy subsidies, saying he believes the ethanol industry can compete on a level playing field.

“There’s either a deliberate attempt by this administration to destroy the energy future of our country or they’re just simply incompetent,” he said.

We would appreciate hearing this great material at a debate sometime.

One thought on “Cain: 'Green energy is a joke'”

  1. The energy policy of Obama is a disgrace and ruining our economy. The U. S. is the most blessed nation in the world with energy resources. We have a future, other countries have future problems.

    The Republicans should be hammering energy policy all the timie in order to beat President Obama. If they don’t; he may sneak in and be re-elected.

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