Aiyar: Let's prize climate skeptics

A couple gems in this Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed by Cato scholar and Times of India columnist Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar.

First gem:

We keep hearing that 95 percent or 98 percent of scientists believe catastrophic, man-made global warming is proven. Climate skeptics are widely denounced as science deniers. However, as [recent Nobel Prize winner Daniel Schechtman showed], 99 percent of scientists can be and have been wrong.

Second gem:

When people know only a little about a topic, they tend to make a lot of the little they know. The little in this case is that rising concentrations of greenhouse gases will raise temperatures if other things remain constant. But other things are not constant; they vary in ways we do not fully understand.

That’s why we cannot say why temperatures were high in the medieval period despite low carbon dioxide concentrations.

Read Aiyar’s op-ed in the Inquirer.

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