TRAIN passes house; Will it stop in the Senate?

The TRAIN Act to require cost-benefit analysis of EPA regs passed the House 249-169. Without a big push on Democrat Senators, however, it’s likely to die in the Senate. Rather than shut the government down over disaster aid and clean energy funding, Republicans should shut it down over the malignant Obama EPA.

One thought on “TRAIN passes house; Will it stop in the Senate?”

  1. I sparred with my teaching collegues when they saw learning when non occured. An intelligent person, especially with university educations, subject common beliefs to tests for reasonableness. That does not happen with respect to DDT an the EPA. A crew in hazmat was called to clean up a broken thermometer in a nearby town. Nobody was able to recall that mercury tonics were used for centuries. And how can people seriously ban bicycles for children because brass is used in there air stem valves.

    Mr. Obama, who I like and will vote for in 2012, has all kinds of really stupid notions. He seems to have no understanding of either law or economics despite being a teacher of law at a well regared university. The Epa is an ignoble institution with a noble name. For President Obama and too many of us, the name trumps reality.

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