The Quest: Dan Yergin needs to leave his Cambridge bubble

Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Yergin has a new energy book out called “The Quest: Energy, Security and the Remaking of the Modern World.” Though I’ve seen it has high as #22 on, that’s way more than it deserves.

Yergin, chairman of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates and alleged energy expert, devotes 100 of the book’s 700+ pages of text to “Climate and Carbon.”

In those pages, Yergin offers his take on the climate controversy — except that he pretty much omits the controversy. In blithely embracing the consensus and the inevitable march of the carbon constrainment lobby, Yergin gives short shrift to skeptics and Climategate — barely mentioning either.

Yergin actually says that the IPCC dismissed its critics as “practitioners of junk science.”

Not only does Yergin not understand the dynamics of the climate science debate and its significance with respect to the failure of climate alarmism in the U.S., Yergin can’t even get non-scientific matters right.

In particular, Yergin parrots the myth that the Supreme Court ordered the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases in Massachusetts v. EPA. This is, of course, entirely incorrect as the Court only said that EPA may regulate GHGs under the Clean Air Act — not that it must.

It’s no wonder that “The Quest” was endorsed by Environmental Defense Fund president Fred Krupp, greenwashing FedEx CEO Fred Smith, Aspen Institute head Walter Isaacson, and former Obama advisor Lawrence Summers.

Those characters would not understandably not endorse an accurate telling for the climate controversy as they would be indicted by it.

For its propaganda-masquerading-as-expertise, I look forward to returning the carbon captured in Yergin’s book to the atmosphere.

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