Poll: Who's the bigger energy dope?

CNN host Fareed Zakaria starts out his New York Times book review of Dan Yergin’s new energy book with a Bill Gates anecdote. Your task? Vote for the dopiest in that sentence.

Zakaria start his review of Yergins’s new book The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World with this Gates anecdote:

At the influential TED conference last year, Bill Gates declared that if he were allowed one wish to improve humanity’s lot over the next 50 years, he would choose an “energy miracle”: a new technology that produced energy at half the price of coal with no carbon dioxide emissions. He explained that he’d rather have this wish than a new vaccine or medicine or even choose the next several American presidents.

Zakatria then describes Yergin’s views on climate:

Yergin recounts the making of the scientific consensus that has developed around global warming. His narrative makes clear that there really is no longer a serious debate in the scientific community about the basic facts of global warming, though there is uncertainty about its extent and its effects. (Some scientific studies suggest that things could turn out much worse than the “average” case.)

Zakaria then throws in his own rupee (about two cents at current exchange rates) about global warming:

In these chapters Yergin’s somewhat bland and noncommittal presentation is a public disservice. At a time when major presidential candidates like Gov. Rick Perry of Texas openly dismiss global warming as a hoax, experts need to speak up…

What government can do well is two things: making carbon emissions more expensive through a carbon tax and, crucially, providing much greater support for basic research into green technologies — to take a quantum leap in one or preferably many of them.

So here’s the poll:

4 thoughts on “Poll: Who's the bigger energy dope?”

  1. Fukushima likely killed nuclear power for a generation. Gates himself ran out of steam in the 1990s. I don’t see the pair making a comeback.

  2. Gates isn’t that dopey. One of his companies is working on a nuclear reactor that could do what he wants.

    Yergin, was unlike Zakaria just reporting.

    Zakaria wins. He is a dope. If someone says the Science is settled, they are lying. Science is never settled. Just look at the faster than light controversy that just broke out. Einstein’s work is based on far stronger theoretical and experimental evidence, than AGW. Yet, no one is trying to discredit reports of faster than light particles by claiming the science is settled, or by attacking the researcher’s integrity.

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