Perry: EPA a 'cemetery for jobs'

Rick Perry gets the EPA problem. Full quote below.

… tell the EPA that we don’t don’t need you monkeyin’ around and fiddlin’ around and gettin’ in our business on every kind of regulation that you can dream up. You’re doin’ nothin’ more than killin’ jobs. It is a cemetery for jobs at the EPA.

The EPA kills jobs. Perry only kills “g”s. At this point we need jobs, not fully pronounced present participles.

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  1. The primary job of the EPA is to perpetuate itself so all the employees can keep doing what they’ve always done and now know how to do. Therefore, they will always be busy regularly finding reasons to make each of their regulations more stringent.

  2. Keep some of the conceptual framework of the EPA. There is definitely a need for federal environmental policy and oversight. But take away its reliance on non-scientific conclusions. Strip it of its oligarchic powers and give it a new name. Its actions have gone far beyond “Protection”, simply because it has answered to lobbies and powers not responsible for oversight. Make it answerable to an external review process that requires real data before any regulation can pass. President Obama had to “ask” the EPA to stop doing something??? Last I heard the organization answers to the executive, not the other way around.
    My experience with the EPA has been positive as an emergency responder. I appreciate the agency’s focus on community safety. (OSHA handles worker safety) There was, and continues to be, a need for the 1980 CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act), also known as the Superfund. Seeing further needs, the amended Act, known as the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) was passed. Included in this was a requirement that communities have a right to know what chemicals are being used, stored and transported in their communities. (SARA Title III). Title III empowered local and state governments to create responses to hazardous chemicals and dangerous substances. Without such EPA involvement, there would be no such thing as HazMat teams.
    So, keep the EPA’s emphasis on safety. Require quantitative measures instead of always relying on computer modeling (which has its purpose) to construct regulation. Keep the agency out of the hands of interest groups.

  3. Kelvin Duncan, the EPA was not necessary until Richard Nixon thought it would buy him a few liberal votes in Congress. So, it was created by one of our most venal, but ultimately honorable (unlike Clinton, say) Presidents. But its job is impossble since the air and water of this world circulates on and in countried like China, India, and the Russia that don’t have the same god-like attitudes as the EPA. Aside from being way beyond the powers of the federal government granted in the Constitution, the EPA is ultimately useless for anything but destroying private sector jobs and producing government feather-bedding jobs. To the extent that their environments can be controlled, it is a job for the states, not the feds.

  4. Anyone questioning Ron Paul’s actual record on this and other issues can find the answers easily. Just look it up. You don’t need someone else to do it for you unless you’re really not sincere about knowing in the first place.

    The only real reason if Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination and doesn’t get elected POTUS is not that he’s “unelectable,” but because too many weak thinkers followed the propaganda machine they love to hate and like the sheep they really are didn’t vote for him.

    That’s the real DUH!!!

  5. The EPA is essential. It may need a review about how it operates and exercises its powers, but it is far too dangerous to allow your environmental future to be in the hands of greedy, robber barons.
    Regarding Perry and his possible contribution, the view from outside the US is one of concern that a person who has killed so many people by judicial murder and who does not believe in the fact of evolution (confusing it with the theory of evolution) should be considered a candidate for the most powerful office on earth. I will predict that without the huge economic boost from the oil and gas industry that Texas receives and which has made his Governorship a walk in the park, he will destroy jobs nationally, expand the military budget, have a disastrous foreign policy and generally make a dog’s breakfast of the presidency as GW Bush did. China will eat him and his presidency because he is disconnected from reality.

    Paul is the only consistent and rational conservative, but he upsets the military and big industry dependent on industrial welfare,so he gets little air time from the likes of Fox.

  6. Actually, my Paulista brethren, Rick Perry has already challenged the EPA in Texas, and won a couple of rounds. He’s not just talking.

    What specifically has Ron Paul done about the EPA in all his time as a congressman? (Straight question — I’d welcome an answer.)

    Rick Perry, incidentally, has also fought for and signed two tort reform bills, limiting lawyers’ ability to punish people who haven’t done anything wrong, another job-killing practice. I haven’t seen Ron Paul’s position on this. Does anyone know what it is, and what specific action he’s taken with respect to it?

    Perry has also undertaken efforts to lower taxes with some success.
    As far as I can see, the Federales, perhaps despite Ron Paul, have only cost us more each year.

    The only other truly damaging area he hasn’t been terribly active in is unionization. It isn’t the problem in Texas that it is in, say, Wisconsin or Michigan, because Texas was already a right-to-work state when Perry was still a Democrat (back before he, like me, realized he was being lied to, stolen from, and generally taken advantage of by his putative compatriots). I think he’ll have something to say about Boeing, the SIEU, the IBEW, the CWA, the AUW, and the rest of the alphabet soup that these communists feed on. How about Ron Paul?

    When it comes to deeds versus words, I think Perry has it.

  7. The EPA and the California Air Resources Board sole intent is to stop industry, whenever and wherever spotted.

    That kills jobs. With that goes the taxes generated from income that is necessary for a government to survive. Eventually, those folks responsible will not have a job either. Unfortunately, the populace will be in the streets like they are in London and the outcome of that will be ugly.

  8. I like Ron Paul, particularly on domestic issues, but think his foreign policy stance would get us even more involved in the wars that will insue if we simply ‘pull out and come home’. I don’t want him for president, but think whoever wins the nomination should put Ron Paul in a position of importance, like Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

  9. Well, if you want somebody that can actually get elected….. Oh that would ruin all the fun, wouldn’t it? Better to whine about the Amero and the fence to keep us in America that doesn’t work in the opposite direction and how we can be the most powerful country on earth but not have a military presence east of Lubbock, Texas….. Duh. Grow Up Paulites. Perry can and will get elected unless all the dumasses keep combining to stop him. Why IMAGINE!! our innocent little 12 year olds!! they must NEVER hear about S E you know what. They should “opt in” WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Think. “opting in” is what exists when the state makes no recommendation at all. You want the shot? Go to you doctor and ask for it. OH NO!!!! Perry is opposed to CANCER !! He thinks “our innocent little girls” will not be virgins their whole precious little lives!!!

  10. Perry is just making noise to get elected. The man who has always gotten the EPA and would abolish it is Ron Paul. He gets it all, the stupid wars, regulation and the welfare state. The rest are just trying to sound like him.

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