Obama hits Perry as 'denier' for Texas fires

But how does Obama explain drought-driven pre-industrial era wildfires?

Campaigning this weekend in California, Obama slammed Perry as,

… a governor whose state is on fire, denying climate change.

So how would the President explain, for example, the Miramichi fire?

After a summer of sparse rain, sporadic wildfires in Maine and the Canadian province of New Brunswick reached disastrous levels in October 1825. Strong winds spurred the conflagration, which burned through forests and settlements in Maine and along the Miramichi River in Canada. Among the worst wildfires in North American history, the Miramichi fire burned 3 million acres, killed 160 people and left 15,000 homeless.

An eyewitness account, preserved by the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, described the scene: “A loud roaring was heard in the woods, and from the burnt substances still continuing to thicken the atmosphere, it was so dark that the flames could not be distinguished, though they were more than one mile from the town.”

If Mother Nature can burn Maine, she can more easily torch the drier Texas.

3 thoughts on “Obama hits Perry as 'denier' for Texas fires”

  1. and if you read older science one was a time life book of the 60’s or 70s I saw at the library books you find that they have found orange and lemon trees in siberia (frozen of course) and mammoths who by the way have what looks like hair how warm is hair in frigid temperature? my thick hair never seems to keep my head warm lower than 32 degrees. they have found in their stomach undigested orange tree leaves and plants found only in tropical areas. interesting don’t you think?


  2. Everyone, including scientists, believe that they live in extraordinary times. It it hard for them to accept that these events are common place, so they make the assumption that the current events are unique and then they come up with a hypothesis to explain the extraordinary events. In this case they have concocted “global-warming”.

  3. Anyone who wants to research the records will find plenty of evidence that there is nothing new – go back and you will find that this earth has lived through lots of earthquakes/volcanoes/ hurricanes/drought/plagues/famine and of course spontaneous forest fires etc etc etc – what the hell do your universities teach these losers (your overabundance of tree huggers) about the past history of the world – getting frustrated with the stupidity – getting a wee bit mad at the waste of so called intelligence – ‘Who Me!’

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