8 thoughts on “Lamestream media tries intimidating Perry on EPA”

  1. H2O is also a component of acid rain? Why didn’t you list water?

    Come to think of it, why did you list CO2? Is there something about CO2 that is particularly acidic?

    Maybe you were engaging in prosecutorial misconduct, attempting to convict and sentence CO2 of causing acid rain, merely because it exists in tandem with other molecules, such as SO2 and H2O.

  2. CO2 and SO2 are components of acid rain which destoys our forests and acidifies the oceans. Coal is not pure carbon and it does not burn perfectly. It can be mitagated, but the power companies would rather use their money to buy politicians than to fix the problems. The Adirondac Mountains of New York are dying and some of the lakes are empty of fish because the power plants in places like Ohio and Indiana won’t try to clean up their act. We can fix many problems, but the want to play games at our expence…

  3. Huge quantities of soot are deadly. H2S emissions are deadly. High toxics are deadly. High radioactive levels are deadly and mutagenic.

    Carbon dioxide is none of the above. It is colorless, odorless, nontoxic plant food.

  4. Neal, perhaps I missed a scientific breakthrough.

    So, correct me if I’m wrong: CO2 is smog?

    And, one other point: Has anyone, to your knowledge, attempted to abbreviate H2O, by simply calling it hydrogen? I thought not. Then, why do dishonest idiots call CO2 carbon? Or other dishonest idiots call CO2 smog? CO2 is neither, to the best of my understanding.

    You seem angry. You might want to get that checked out.

  5. This isn’t China, Neal. We do not have that kind of pollution here. If you are concerned about pollution in China, go to China and convince them to fix it.

  6. “I suggested in the comments section that, if he wanted to abbreviate CO2, he should call it oxygen, since CO2 is two parts oxygen and one part carbon.”
    How about trying to breath underwater because water is partly oxygen?
    Words of blind ignorance have less value than words coming from studied sources who actually question and are questioned by scientist. Check Google for images of CHINA and it’s smog. POLUTION IS DEADLY!

  7. Rick Perry was recently quoted as saying “Adios Mofo” to a reporter who insisted on asking ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ type questions.

    He should make that a campaign theme when dealing with ANY of the mainstream media ‘reporters’. No matter what he says, they aren’t going to treat him “fairly”, so why even give them the time of day?

  8. I love the way the author at National Journal referred to “carbon pollution” repeatedly.

    I suggested in the comments section that, if he wanted to abbreviate CO2, he should call it oxygen, since CO2 is two parts oxygen and one part carbon.

    This particular lie, referring to CO2 as carbon, is told knowingly, for a specific effect. Anyone who does his own car repairs knows that carbon is black and sooty, and that person would probably think less carbon would be a great thing. A colorless, odorless trace gas in the atmosphere, however, that serves as plant food, well, that’s an equine of another hue entirely.

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