Ideological child abuse: Obama to cite 'Green Ribbon Schools'

A Department of Education spokesman said the program would recognize schools for “engaging students on environmental issues and producing environmentally literate students; increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy technologies; and creating healthy learning environments by addressing environmental issues in the schools.” The full story is at

5 thoughts on “Ideological child abuse: Obama to cite 'Green Ribbon Schools'”

  1. “This is why people who come into contact with applied environmental rules get so quickly cynical about them.”

    That certainly worked for me. Try to accurately calculate a “carbon footprint (gag!)” and you will see what a bunch of tripe the whole concept is.

  2. What is meant by “environmental literacy” varies, depending on the source, but in general, it includes a belief that human actions are contributing to climate change.

    Of course it “includes a belief”, it is the State religion.

  3. Enviromental care is a good subject to know. However, students are not taught how to care for the environment (outside of baisc no-littering). They are taught about endangered species, but they focus on the cuddly wolves and bears and impressive whales. They don’t realize what exactly the endangered species act accomplishes. The “environmental” education one receives leads you to trust non-useful solutions.

    It isn’t until you get into the real world that you learn that “recycled plastic” is better known as “scrap”, that recycled paper is worse (100% recycled paper will almost certainly fall apart), and that wind/solar/bio-power is more damaging to the environment than the fossil fuels they intend to replace.

    This is why people who come into contact with applied environmental rules get so quickly cynical about them.

  4. Get ’em while they’re young!

    While I abhor 30’s Germany references: The Obama Youth.

    You’ll do it if you love me.

  5. I would like to see our schools teaching more fiscal literacy, such as how to make change or how to calculate amortized costs or a cost/benefit ratio. Unfortunately, that would encourage awareness of the inherent fiscal irresponsibilty of the entire green agenda.

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