Green spin cycle: Solyndra like Netscape?

Is Solyndra more like Netscape… or

Adam Browning writes at

The solar company Solyndra recently filed for bankruptcy, which media reports have depicted as the end of solar power in the U.S. This is like saying there is no future for the internet because Netscape went out of business.

But Netscape was sold to AOL in 1998 for $4.2 billion. Whereas $300 million capital investment vanished with

Then the must-be-hallucinating Browning followed the above-captioned brilliance with:

The molar-grinding irony of it all is that Solyndra was the victim of a big success — the price of solar power has fallen rapidly, making more expensive technologies like theirs uncompetitive, but more importantly, making solar power a real player in the U.S. energy economy.

Yes, Solyndra was a “big success” — for its bankruptcy lawyers!

BTW, the price of solar is falling because of the “advance” of manufacturing it with cheap labor in regulation-free China! Another green success! Yea!

4 thoughts on “Green spin cycle: Solyndra like Netscape?”

  1. About the only viable solar application that I can see is solar panels placed over buildings and parking lots in the sunny SW. They would produce some electricity but the main advantage would be the shade they would produce.

  2. “Solar a real player” Libs are good at the spin. Way better than your average bear. Non liberals use logic, reason, and common sense to analyze, then come to a conclusion. Hippies (all creatures on the left) use emotion as their base of operation to create a nonsense non reality that is easily understood by their comrades.

    I just love reading reports like Browning’s. They are an endless source of entertainment.

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