9-11 firefighters at greater cancer risk?

Nope. Despite news reports about this new study in The Lancet, there was no statistically significant association between cancer incidence and (hyper-studied) World Trade Center firefighters. Ten years after the 9-11 horror, it is time to move on from the 9-11 junk science.

2 thoughts on “9-11 firefighters at greater cancer risk?”

  1. The study makes much ado over what they call ‘Standardized Incidence Ratios’, a ratio of incidence rates in exposed vs non-exposed populations, a measure that bears no statistical significane at all.
    These cases of cancer (in tightly defined populations) are rare-event phenomena that follow a chi-square distribution rather than a normal distribution. But there is nary a mention of a single chi-square value.
    The paper is statistically incompetent.

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