UN-hinged: United Nations wants $76 trillion for 'great green technological transformation'

A new report from the United Nations claims that natural disasters have quintupled over the past 40 years and that developed countries should spend $1.9 trillion annually through 2050 in a “great green technological transformation.”

2 thoughts on “UN-hinged: United Nations wants $76 trillion for 'great green technological transformation'”

  1. The UN was always the Roosevelt & Truman “administrations'” Soviet-Union-agent-drafted enemy of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization. Having already witnessed Europeon Neo-Soviet’s demise and now seeing our republic’s government already in enemy hands and with a criminal-alien invasion force already under its command — and watching as we and the Civilization we vanguard commit suicide — the UN has its knives out and is moving in for the kill.

    Once FRee countries like Australia are already similarly in enemy hands and are being bent over over for the sodomizing and the Hard Real Truth is that unless we sweep the manifestation of evil presently in charge in DC from the halls of power, the UN will get that money — and everything else our Civilization has ever innovated created produced and manufactured — and/or ever will.

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