Ombudsman trashes NYTimes anti-fracking story

The New York Times ombudsman takes the same dim view (but more politely) as JunkScience of the the Times‘ recent attack on fracking. It’s too bad, however, that the dubious fracking stories were on the Times‘ front page, while the ombudsman’s critique is on Page 10 of the Sunday Review section.

One thought on “Ombudsman trashes NYTimes anti-fracking story”

  1. Anyone, I mean anyone, who read the NYT piece on natural gas, and who knows anything, I mean anything, about petroleum geology and natural gas economics, recognized that article as either ill-informed or ill-intended. The future of energy in North America is founded on the great abundance of natural gas, from whatever source. That the present administration fails to recognize this is a condemnation of this administration.

    Good grief! I live in a town which is trying to build a wood-fired electric power plant. I mean really!

    ” Intelligence is rare: Stupidity is boundless as the ocean.”

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