2 thoughts on “More salt in anti-salt's wound”

  1. This *irrational* fear of dietary salt has its origins in poorly designed ‘studies’ performed in the mid-20th century. Unfortunately, there are now so many people with vested interests in the health food industry, pharmaceuticals, and ‘alternative medicine’ that have worked out ways to capitalize on the fear of CV disease that correcting this misinformation will be difficult.
    If salt was so dangerous, it makes it difficult to understand why salt was once literally worth its weight in gold as a dietary supplement, or why people living in ocean ports or on small islands and eating large amounts of fresh sea food do not drop dead of CV disease in their teens.

  2. So what else is new? Why does this salt fear keep coming around and why do so many fll for it? And when will those in the media the media develop a brain or some ethics and quit reporting all this guff?

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