Global warming burns Yellowstone?

Will global warming increase the frequency and severity of forest fires in Yellowstone National Park?

That’s what a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims. And media gullibility seems as high as ever.

But if you look at Fig. 2 in the study, you’ll note that there doesn’t seem to be too much historical correlation between mean global temperature change and forest fires from 1950 to now. Warming only seems to related to future Yellowstone burning by computer modeling, which has yet to prove reliable for any sort of forecasting.

2 thoughts on “Global warming burns Yellowstone?”

  1. Are these authors drunk. Their model is lucky to predict only about 50% of the peaks and valleys of real burns. The conclusions really are not supported by the data. Talk about “ginning up a conclusion”

  2. “Media gullibility” isn’t the only thing doing well, the intellectual corruption and contempt for others of those peddling global warming disinformation is appaling.

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