EDF attacks utility with fake asthma attack?

The Environmental Defense Fund, long-time EPA running dog and the group whose handiwork on DDT led to millions of dead Africans, is attacking utility giant AEP with a TV ad featuring what appears to be a faked asthma attack.

The EDF is running an ad campaign accusing AEP (and, by extension, anyone else that opposes EPA overregulation) of pushing a “dirty air bill” that will kill 17,000 people per year in the name of “polluter profits.”

The TV ad features a young girl in a hospital bed supposedly having an asthma attack. She’s wearing a nebulizer and chest compression device that is rhythmically but disturbingly squeezing the child, giving the appearance that she is in severe respiratory distress, impliedly from air pollution.

But if you look closely at the girl, as opposed to what is being done to her, she is in fact calmly sitting up in bed and not in any respiratory distress whatsoever. Moreover asthma attacks aren’t treated with chest compression devices, which are instead more typically used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation or mechanical ventilation.

The chest compression device used in the commercial is fabricating pulsating drama for its false message that efforts to rein in the EPA threaten children’s health.

5 thoughts on “EDF attacks utility with fake asthma attack?”

  1. So that’s your argument? Just because this COMMERCIAL is depicting just ONE person, doesn’t mean millions of other people don’t have asthma, and if allergies and stress can trigger an attack imagine air pollution. What this article is saying doesn’t prove anything else that would really help AEP.

  2. They never directly said she has asthma, plus it’s a commerical. Most commercials on t.v. don’t actually have real people, but actors to show their point.

  3. If the green movement couldn’t use ad hominem attacks, logical fallacies, misdirection, lies of omission and lies of commission they couldn’t say anything.

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