Cell phones not associated with brain cancer, reports new study

A new study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports no association between cell phone use and brain tumors.

The accompanying commentary notes that,

In considering the need for future cell phone health research, it should be kept in mind that in addition to the negative epidemiological data, there is no known biologically plausible mechanism by which nonionizing radio waves of low energy can disrupt DNA and lead to cancer. The photoelectric effect is not a matter of opinion; radio frequency energy absorption cannot break DNA molecules, and carcinogenicity studies in animals are rather consistent in showing no increases in cancer following radio frequency energy absorption. [Footnotes omitted]

6 thoughts on “Cell phones not associated with brain cancer, reports new study”

  1. I’ll even invoke the name of the master. Einstein got a Nobel for discovering that radiation below a certain point can’t cause issues. I’m certain that there’s a stray photon or two above the ionizing level, so it’s best not to get overexposed, but this radiophobia is ridiculous.

  2. They are aptly acronymed WHO because as bureaucrats there can be no corporate responsibility. All they do is produce bureaucrap.

  3. Finally a voice of reason!

    Someone really needs to show WHO a diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum sometime.

  4. @nostraden,

    I hate to break it to you, MRIs work because they cannot break the chemical bonds in the body’s compounds. If you cannot break the bonds of the DNA, cancer cannot occur. So if the most powerful electromagnetic field available available to the average person cannot break the bonds how do you expect the low wattage transmitter to do so? The answer is it can’t.

  5. Which in your case would reveal nothing.

    I wonder why people don’t worry about the cancer risks from all the infra-red and visible radiation bombarding our bodies 24 hours a day emitted from the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, etc. The absorbed energy is millions of times greater than from cell phones.

  6. Antbody can see that,mostly the pods,mods,and all the rest of the grabage people are buying just to talk on the phone,Its Like a portable MRI up to your ears

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