Murdoch's mother calls for carbon tax

When media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s mother was born, life expectancy in Australia was about 57 years. One hundred and two (102) carbon-happy years later, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch is calling for a carbon tax?

The call is made in a letter she allegedly signed along with five other prominent Australians.

If Dame Murdoch did indeed sign the letter, this only gives credence to the saying, “there’s no fool like and old fool.”

Fossil fuels have raised living standards and life expectancies, and no doubt contributed to her longevity and her son’s business success. There is no credible evidence that fossil fuels pose any threat to the planet. There is every indication that a carbon-constrained world is a poorer and less healthy world.

Of course, it’s quite possible that Dame Murdoch didn’t actually sign the letter and/or doesn’t know what she signed — after all, two activists conspired to have her grandson approach her about signing the letter.

And at 102, exactly how much carbon tax is she planning on paying down the road?

Was the 102-year old Dame Murdoch ideologically abused by her grandson?

8 thoughts on “Murdoch's mother calls for carbon tax”

  1. Ah capitalist swine you are too smart to be fooled by the world wide communist cells that have infiltrated nearly 97% of the scientific community! Bah! Get over it the cold war is past.

    Paint me as some radical if it makes you feel more confident but I’m not, I’m a moderate who’s fed up with this tom clancy spin nonsense.

    You lot talk like Dame Murdoch had this standard of living with the resulting carbon footprint her whole life, as if we’ve had this many cars, this many people, this many coal fired electricity plants for a thousand years and now anarchists want to destroy your way of life, bah! Think of all the civilizations that died out thinking it was only a little set back before business returned to normal.

  2. Yeah. Personally, I am perfect, and would never make a mistake like that…her son’s name is Jimmy…NOT. Good comment, Minnfinn.

  3. I would not be at all surprised if this was no more than a load of garbage proffered by the tree huggers – We have in the past couple of years received many (well prepared) emails purported to have been written by leading Australians, only to find that they have come as a complete surprise to the named people once made aware of what is being distributed in their name. Ask yourself – the last person who would want to get involved with carbon taxes and other peripherals such as to stop cutting down trees for paper would be Rupert – and is she really going to dump on her own son?

  4. Now I’m confused. How did we jump from Rupert Murdoch to (I assume) Warren Buffett?

  5. This is why the Left in particular focuses so much time, effort and resources on propaganda targeting elderly, young and vulnerable people on their issues. They know they can scare a higher % of those groups and use that fear and straw man horror stories to club their opponents with.
    In this case, it would make me hesitate to invest with this lady’s son (Warren), since he obviously either doesn’t understand or care to explain to his mother that the AWG “threat” is a giant hoax perpetrated by Statists, radical Enviro-wackoos and “Progressives” to take away more control, resource and freedoms from in their twisted minds “the masses”. Or maybe Warren fits into one of those groups.

  6. How many people know that cutting CO2 too much will cause living green things like trees and plants (including the ones that people eat) to die off. Plants give off oxygen, and take up carbon dioxide—instead of a carbon tax, why not have people plant trees, shrubs, and even grow a few plants to eat?????

  7. I would be suspicous … as to her actually signing the letter HOWEVER, I’d also NOT be surprised, given the propensity of those with extreme wealth to promote policies that raise the cost of services and commodities , the effects of which they will never realize. This also lends credence to another old adage, that you don’t have to be smart to be rich.

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