JunkScience.com announces the winner of the Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes!

Drumroll please…

The winner of JunkScience.com’s Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes is Dave Stone for this entry:

Winner of the JunkScience.com Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes!

Congratulations, Dave.

BTW, Richard Glover, the Sydney Morning Herald columnist who suggested that “deniers” be “forcibly tattooed” is now complaining that he received feedback about his column.

2 thoughts on “JunkScience.com announces the winner of the Climate Change Denier Tattoo Sweepstakes!”

  1. I can understand him being upset. However, he should look at his text more closely and then at what has been seriously proposed by people. After UN and American officals have seriously called those that oppose their initiative evil and accused them of being bribed by oil companies. Then, these people in positions of power have proposed bringing charges of crimes against humanity to those same people.

    As our friend the Viscount learned this week, you cannot use humor on this subject anymore. You can’t use irony or sarcasm. Nothing is absurd enough to not be taken seriously. You cannot make a “modest” proposal when the cooking channel is telling you how to tenderize a toddler.

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