EPA agenda: First bedbugs, next… Black Death?

EPA’s anti-pesticide agenda has already fueled the resurgence of bedbugs. The agency announced today that it will ban retail sale of some rat poisons.

The release states that,

The American Association of Poison Control Centers annually receives between 12,000 and 15,000 reports of children under the age of six being exposed to these types of products.

But in order to get on that list all you have to do is call them and ask about rodenticides….it dosen’t mean that this many people are being sickened or poisoned by rodenticides.

Further, the number of “reports” regarding household bleach is far higher than for rodenticides — but the EPA isn’t taking action action Clorox.

So while the number is scary, it gives a false impression about the safety of rodenticides.

Finally, as rats were the carrier of the Black Death that wiped out somewhere between one-third to one-half or more of Europe’s population and caused tremendous social upheaval, soon we’ll be partying like it’s 1348!

6 thoughts on “EPA agenda: First bedbugs, next… Black Death?”

  1. It has not been established that the black death was caused by rats or bubonic plague. It is more likely that it was viral and spread by humans. I like your outlook, but get your facts straight.

  2. Anti-freeze works great on 4 legged pests. Hope they don’t ban that too. Use a windshield fluid bottle on its side and (Duh) keep all poisons away from children.

  3. The department of health should be making these calls, not the wantabe med school flunkies who now infest the epa

  4. if when the EPA ever loses its power it will be a good day for america . they are out of control.

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