2 thoughts on “Greens detonate kids in violent climate video”

  1. I’m a LEED AP, an energy conservation consultant and a “vast right wing conspiritor”. This video typifies the attitude of so many people I run into on the left. I have met people who truly believe the world would be a better place if we all lived in yurts and rode our bicycles to our organic mushroom farms. Pointing out the obvious only get’s me into more shouting matches.

    My attitude is that “green” should be a profit center. Gasp there’s that ugly C word: Capatilism. Going green should be focused on improving productivity and profitability. If we want to go solar, grow our own organic mushrooms etc. then we should be doing that voluntarily. You know like giving to charaties. Oh I forgot conservitives give more than liberals.

  2. The film was pulled because it was too revealing. It was nothing but pornography for “watermelons.” Ooh, bookmark the nasty parts! Was it good for you? Did it leave you feeling sanctimoniously satisfied? Sleep tight tonight, little eco-fascists.

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