2 thoughts on “Another sicko ad from the greens”

  1. Children are their favourite way to promote things that hurt our pocketbooks and destroy our way of life. Children don’t yet know how the world works, so they can easily be manipulated to speak out for “green” causes. The trouble with the idea of only caring for children is, they’ll become adults too and then they will pay all those new carbon taxes and have to live under the green tyranny.

  2. This is a sick bunch of people who have allowed their climate passion to trump knowledge and reason. Climates have always been changeable due to natural processes. Sometimes our weak Sun needs all the help it can get to keep our planet from another 100,000 year glacial stage.We are now in interglacial stage #5 of the Pleistocene ice ages. Please believe me when I tell you that only a robust greenhouse gas can protect us from #6 as long as our polar regions are iced up. To attempt to curb a warm up now I would equate to playing Russian Roulette with a loaded revolver. But, I do not beieve man has the clout to seriously affect nature’s thermostat that has kept complex life from extinction this past 1/2 billion years.

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