Should Steve Jobs make Al Gore take a leave of absence?

Now that the Portland, OR police department has re-opened its sex attack investigation against Al “You-big-lummox-of-a-sex-poodle” Gore, should Apple Chariman Steve Jobs make Al Gore take a leave of absence from the company pending resolution of the investigation?

Apple’s sexual harassment policy defines harassment as…

<blockquote… unwelcome or unsolicited speech or conduct based on factors such as race, color, age, sex, or sexual orientation. It may include activities such as viewing sexually explicit sites or displaying an inappropriate calendar. It may include unwelcome touching or advances, jokes, slurs, and other offensive behavior. [Emphasis added]

While the policy also says that it only applies to,

… interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, and applicants for employment and any other interactions where you represent Apple…

… surely the policy doesn’t mean that it’s open season for board members when it comes to the rest of the public. Or does it?

If Gore is cleared, he can always be reinstated.

5 thoughts on “Should Steve Jobs make Al Gore take a leave of absence?”

  1. Of course that is exactly what Jobs and Apple with say, being the bastions of liberality that they are. It was not on the job. Although, I am not sure any major company would want to get into the legal issues that could be involved, it would be a major Apple mistake as far as I am concerned because Apple is way to public (newswise, not finanically, though that, too could hurt them) to not pay attention to this. There needs to be a phone chain and calls made to the company. I don’t know though if I could do without my iPhone, though it would certainly keep me from upgrading. But, then again, I don’t believe in boycotting, it hurts the innocent.

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