Pachauri cancels US tour

IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri announced yesterday that the IPCC was working on a strategy to better police the experts who produce its studies, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Pachauri said,

“We certainly don’t feel comfortable with the loss of even one iota of trust.”

So how many iotas are there in a sh**load, Raj?

Pachauri’s comments come in the wake of the cancellation of his high-profile visit to the US. He was scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the Wall Street Journal’s ECO-nomics conference (March 3-5 in Santa Barbara) and at the energy conference CERAWEEK 2010 (March 8-12 in Houston).

In addition to Climategate, Pachauri is laboring under revelations of financial conflicts of interest between his heading the IPCC and his private consultancies/board memberships/employment by renewable energy firms.

It could be, of course, that Pachauri simply couldn’t decide which of his custom-tailored suits to bring along on his trip — each of which costs about 10% of what the average worker in India makes.

5 thoughts on “Pachauri cancels US tour”

  1. Pauchuri is not only a dunce, but wacko. He published a soft-porn novel in January 2010 in which a climate scientist in his 60s participates in group orgies. Why he thinks nations should trust a soft porn novelist beggars the imagination.

  2. Soon after I read Kyoto Protocols I knew there had to be something gravely wrong with the AGW hypothesis because there was no science supporting the idea I knew of. Then a friend sent me a review paper of 132 climate studies by the Robinson Bros and Willie Soon that disproved the dire claims trumpeted by Al Gore in “An Inconvenient Truth.” Yet our Gov’t, undoubtedly inspired by the powerful Green lobby,continued to support research grants designed to support AGW, now totalling over $30 billion according to CEI, with no empirical evidence whatever that CO2 has a significant effect on our global climate. In the light of all this evidence, how can any rational person or group believe we should pour trillions of dollars we have to borrow, and impoverish our citizenry for generations to come? And, on top of good evidence that this climate religion has been “cooking the books.” What we should be doing is freeze all expenditures and start a thorough investigation. There are hundreds of venal scoundrels out there deserving incarceration

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