3 thoughts on “Utility refuses to promise benefits from smart meters”

  1. I read a paper yesterday about smart meters and expected results, looked abysmal to me. No real savings, just inconvenience and disruption.

  2. I was supposed to get a job writing training documentation at the new Iatan 2 coal plant outside of KC, so I did a lot of studying up on it. The project was held up for a few years until they settled a suit with the Sierra Club to build a large wind farm as offsets. KCP&L now has to raise rates about 25% to pay for the wind farm.

    Here’s what they asked for in 2008:


    There’s a more recent article somewhere about how they are asking to raise rates even more. Besides Missouri, Kansas is also asking for a 25% raise in rates.

    I guess that could be a benefit. As Obama put it: “electricity costs would necessarily skyrocket”. If it’s only 25%, that’s not quite skyrocketing. 😉

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