Skeptics winning in UK

From the Times (UK):

“Less than half the population believes that human activity is to blame for global warming, according to an exclusive poll for The Times.”

How do the never-say-die alarmists respond?

Vicky Pope, head of climate change advice at the Met Office, said that growing awareness of the scale of the problem appeared to be resulting in people taking refuge in denial.

Pope’s explanation is why most people accept that

2 + 2 = 4.

They are aware of the “scale of the problem” of believing that

2 + 2 = 5.

I guess Guardian worry-wort George Monbiot is going have to write harder and to think of new names to call his “sceptics.”

6 thoughts on “Skeptics winning in UK”

  1. I wouldn’t get over-confident, folks. I don’t know the exact stats, but in a recent poll reported on CBC radio (Canada) the split was around 60/40 that climate change is man-made(believers winning over skeptics). Different countries have different polling results, but as long as popular media continues to report “Global Warming” as fact, the majority of people will still believe, until they actually investigate the real facts themselves. That takes effort, which I guess means that Canadians are too lazy to investigate beyond what they read in the pages of our dailies.
    Al Gore received a hero’s welcome in this country recently, instead of being heckled for being the liar that he is.
    Skeptics have a long way to go before the general public realises that they have been duped.

  2. Skeptics seem to be winning everwhere. Could it be that as we come closer to taking ill advised action on climate change that people are simply taking a closer look?

  3. Global warming is like a pet rock. Its a fad that seems dopey, after the bubble pops.

    I wonder what nonsense they will think of next.

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