If Apple was really concerned about the environment…

… it would leave China, not the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Apple told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in its resignation letter:

“Apple is committed to protecting the environment and the communities we operate in around the world. We strongly object to the Chamber’s recent comments opposing the EPA’s efforts to limit greenhouse gases. We would prefer the Chamber take a more progressive stance on this critical issue and play a constructive role in addressing the climate crisis. However, because the Chamber’s position differs so sharply with Apple’s, we have decided to resign our membership effective immediately.”

So when will Apple pressure the Chinese government to adopt the Clean Air Act? Isn’t actual air pollution in China much worse than the invisible, if not debatable/mythical, problem of U.S. CO2 emissions?

We doubt that Apple has any answers to those questions as Al I-need-cap-and-trade-to-become-the-first-carbon-billionaire Gore sits on its board of directors and, no doubt, cheerled Apple’s resignation from the U.S. Chamber.

Air quality in Shenzhen, China where Apple makes iPhones.
Air quality in Shenzhen, China where Apple makes iPhones.
Air quality over Apple HQ in Cuppertino, CA, where the company counts its profits made from the pollution in Shenzhen, China.
Air quality over Apple HQ in Cuppertino, CA, where the company counts its profits made from the pollution in Shenzhen, China.

20 thoughts on “If Apple was really concerned about the environment…”

  1. So if I understand you, the air pollution in China is bad. And why is that? Burning fossil fuels perhaps, poor government standards on air pollution, or maybe their air is just naturally that way? It seems you’re trying to have your cake and eat it too – Apple is bad because they manufacture products in China and pollute their air, but at the same time you claim there are no harmful bi-products of burning fossil fuels. Pick a side. Either burning fossil fuels is harmful – in which case you would be right in outing Apple. Or it’s not harmful – and your point is ridiculous.

  2. you guys should actually do some research before bleating sound bites. apple *did* do research in to where the primary cause of negative environmental impact.

    38% comes from manufacturing
    5% comes from transportation
    53% comes from using their products
    1% comes from recycling
    3% comes from their retail establishments

    in other words the majority of their environmental impact comes from the usage of their products. cleaning up china is absolutely an important goal, but they can make far more impact by designing their product better.

    furthermore they have spearheaded programs with parts suppliers to meet the standards they set (e.g. no arsenic, no cfcs, no lead, etc…)

  3. Although I can’t say enough good things about Apple’s actual products, they certainly have drunk the liberal Kool-Aid, from having Al Gore on their board to labeling every product package they ship with “Designed by Apple IN CALIFORNIA,” as if that was some kind of badge of honor. But really, it’s all marketing. If you think green is going to be popular, you push your greenness to increase your market share. It’s no different from fast food restaurants maintaining token “healthy” fare on their menus (that nobody ever buys) just to defuse the perpetual battles with food nazis. It’s nothing more than a social stand facade erected to increase popularity and profits.

  4. Apple. Like GE they would rather posture for a handout than make a quality product at a competitive price. Not only do they posture for the government, they posture to the record and film industries with cumbersome and complicated content protection mechanisms such that any Apple product you buy works better for these industries than it does for you. Isn’t that a nice feeling.

    I have an iPhone. Its the biggest piece of crap ever. I had to Jailbreak it to put my own personal photos and musical recordings onto it. I repeat, I HAD TO HACK MY OWN PHONE TO PUT MY OWN PICTURES ON IT. IN OTHER WORDS MY PHONE IS MY ENEMY. Even when you buy songs from iTunes, you are at the mercy of 10 computer programs and 75 content verifications just to get it from your phone to your computer or vice versa. Meanwhile I can copy 2 Gb of content to my wife’s BlackBerry in under a minute.

    Now they have decided to go all in on the global warming bluff, a bluff that is clearly and obviously intended to misdirect you from the massive emissions and pollution they are dumping on China. Conveniently while exploiting their loose labor laws (putting suicide-first non-disclosure obligations on people making less than US minimum wage) and environmental regulations even as they claim to fully support their intent.

    Apple, like GE will live and die by this hoax. They have basically blacklisted themselves from ever being a supplier to any business that stays with the Chamber. Furthermore, they obliviously made this decree the same week we find that the dataset fundamental to the biggest and loudest global warming alarmism, is a manipulated, fudged joke. So no sooner than Apple makes this disingenuous announcement, the conmen they have aligned themselves with have been exposed. But what would you expect BESIDES stupidity from companies that would pursue this shortcut of every known ethical business practice. Assholes…

  5. I have been to China several times, and this photo is an accurate portrayal. You see an obvious haze looking just at the nearest streetlight, and, when looking down from a hotel window, the streets are blurred. In some areas, 10% of pedestrians were particulate masks.
    Before the ’08 Olympics, all factories within 500 km of Beijing were shuttered for 6 months to improve its air quality. China is an ecological disaster.

  6. Another company with a “green sunshine butterflies” facade here, while requiring cheap electricity, uninsured cheap labour, non-green manufacturing conditions to produce their goods in China.

    I wonder how much would Apple lecture us about being “green” if they were _forced_ to produce their goods in the U.S.?

    Bad enough political correctness mandates nobody can speak his mind, now they’re even attacking those that DO speak out (the Chamber of Commerce).

  7. “We would prefer the Chamber take a more progressive stance on this critical issue and play a constructive role in addressing the climate crisis.”

    Read: Dear Bad, Evil Carbon People…. We are very unhappy that you have not accepted the One Truth into your mind, heart, and soul. And you will regret that refusal, for we are Apple, a Progressive Company with a Progressive Stance that has increased the well-being of mankind far more than has that most Evil and Foul, Inc known as coal and oil. I mean, seriously… how can you even dare think that people would rather have an economical source of energy than one of our iPods?! Man, you must be, like, REALLY screwed up or something to think something like that!

  8. I’d have to have pollution numbers on this one – there are photos on the internet that show the city looking almost as good as Cuppertino – and frankly, we have rural Iowa evenings look as bad as the Shenzhen photo here; we do get fog and haze.

  9. Until we get our hands on whatever TheAlGore used to produce the “hockey stick” and have it thoroughly examined by neutral third party people with appropriate skills, we will really know nothing.

    And please start to realize we live on an alinear planet in an alinear solar system in an alinear galaxy, in an alinear universe. And please remember that climate is, at best, alinear. It is hard to think in an alinear manner, but we all have to start to do that, before we all are turned into Soylant Green, or some other substance useful to the elites who will in any case live.

    Of course, that is not going to happen, so the “hockey stick” is true JUNK SCIENCE floated by well-paid whores. And thus it will remain, while the USA goes under because the Mack Daddy has been programmed to take us under, and people will continue to die in the third world by the hundreds of millions, because the wack-assed eco-elite, Leninist “useful idiots” will, at the behest of the Luciferian Synarchy, continue to use the UN to stop them from ever developing.

    And remember the Mack Daddy’s “science adviser”: 90% dead or bust. Wonderful world, is it not?

  10. Almost any manufacturing done in China will increase CO2 output as the Chinese use mostly coal.

  11. Typical. Enslave and kill off the Chinese while they count their profits.

    This is the eco-wacko wing of the Luciferian Synarchy, the useful idiots of which will tolerate what is done to the Chinese because their “gurus” (TheAlGore being one of them). The Luciferian Synarchy also includes the Currency Internationale, dead set on wrecking the world’s economy while they reap profits of unimaginable size.

    And if 90% of the world’s population is to be genocided, per the Mack Daddy’s “Science Advisor”, won’t more horrific pollution in China kill more of us quicker?

    If you study it, it all ties in. Eco-wackoism is just a part of it.

  12. Apple is no different than most other companies. They pay lip service to some of the preposterous environmental bs in order to sell what ever they are selling. The fact is there are some things that can be done but they are too mundane to tickle the fancy of environmental wackos and semi-responsible companies.

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